Grant Life


Arpine Kakosyan

Age 6 y.

Country Yerevan, RA

diagnosis: Dimond-Blackfan Anemia


Arpine has Dimond-Blackfan Anemia. But despite the diagnosis Arpine is a cheerful and lively girl! She keeps jumping, running, dancing, inventing new games and infects everyone around her with a loud laugh, and in leisure time, she watches "Adventures of Funtik", "Madagascar" and "Mickey-Mouse. Arpine needs expensive drugs.

Let’s help her recover and smile more!


How to help?

You can transfer the funds to the Armenian Foundation "Donate Life". Please specify in the purpose of payment that it is "a charitable donation for the treatment of Arpine Kakosyan ".

You can also transfer the funds to Arpine’s mother by yourselves. Contact us and we will show you how to do that.

Tel.: +37410 500 776 /


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