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Gegham Gasparyan

Age 16 y.

Country Yerevan, RA

diagnosis: Osteosarcoma


6 months ago Gegham felt a pain in his left rib. His parents did not go to the doctor as they thought that it was a consequence of football that he loved to play very much, when he did not read his favorite adventure and fantasy books. Only when the pain became unbearable and thigh began to swell, the parents went to the doctor. After the test he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Having had 4 rounds of chemotherapy Gegham’s condition is stabled. The terms of the surgery will be known only after the second test, which will be performed inArmenia.

Let’s help Gegham smile again!


                       How to help?

You can transfer the funds to the Armenian Foundation "Donate Life". Please, specify in the purpose of payment that it is "a charitable donation for the treatment of Gegham Gasparyan".

You can also transfer the funds to Gegham’s mother by yourselves. Contact us and we will show you how to do that.

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Foundation "Donate Life" (Yerevan,Armenia)

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Purpose of payment "a charitable donation for the treatment of Gegham Gasparyan"

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