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Nona Grigoryan

Age 15 y.

Country Pskov, RF

diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


It all started last August.

12 -year-old Nona Grigoryan complained of back pain to her mother.

Her mother thought it was just a problem of growth, awkward age. And every mother in her place would have thought the same way.

September 1 Nona, as usual, came to the school holiday. A few days later the girls were playing during the break, a classmate pushed another girl and she fell on Nona. It seems to be an ordinary story. But Nona’s back ached so much that her mother took her to the city hospital.

The hospital diagnosed Vertebral Fracture. Nona admitted to the provincial hospital for treatment. The treatment was undergoing, the pain did not stop.

It proved to be terrible – a Blood Cancer. Since last October Nona has been the patient of the Russian Children'sClinicalHospital. Diagnosis – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. At the moment the child’s condition is hard.

Nona is only 12. She really wants to go home, to school, to her friends’. She would like, as before, to sing and dance. It is the fifth month she has been in bed, because any step causes a wild pain. And the bones have become very fragile.                                      

    The hospital employs highly trained doctors. Of course, they are doing their best. And, yes, the main treatment is free of charge. But every mother, who has such trouble knows, how much money they need even when the treatment is free.

Margarita stays at box with Nona. She herself cooks, as the hospital meal is not desirable, only very high quality products. Now she is told to buy a sports mat. The girl will be staying in bed for at least another 8 months.

Nona is not smiling. No one can make her cheer up.

Let’s help the girl smile again! After all, her destiny depends on us.


                    How to help?

 You can transfer the funds to the Armenian Foundation "Donate Life". Please, specify in the purpose of payment that it is "a charitable donation for the treatment of Nona Grigoryan".

You can also transfer the funds to Nona’s mother by yourselves. Contact us and we will show you how to do that.

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