Grant Life



The Armenian Fund "Grant Life" was founded in December 2009 with the support of the Russian "Grant Life" Foundation.

Our purpose is to help the children with Oncology, Hematology and other serious diseases.


The main objectives of the Foundation are:


  • raise funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of the children with Oncology and Hematology diseases,
  • attract public attention to the problems of the children with Oncology and Hematology diseases,
  • provide social and psychological assistance to the children with Oncology and Hematology diseases,
  • promote the work of volunteer groups in Children’s Hematology Clinics,
  • promote the development of remunerated blood donation.


The main task of the Armenian Foundation is to help children in Armenia to get a full treatment.


Cancer-Cured! These children can be helped, for that they simply shouldn’t be left alone with the trouble. If you help a child, he will survive, live and will be a lovely member of the society. The staff, volunteers and friends of the Foundation are trying to remedy the situation, in order not to leave families with sick children alone with a terrible disease. The children having been ill and won a victory over the cancer are very special, they appreciate life more, they are strong, socially-oriented people, and it has been proved everywhere worldwide.


In order to help children we need not only medication, expensive equipment, volunteers’ help, but public attention to the problems of Pediatric Oncology.


The treatment of children’s blood cancer is very expensive. Depending on the need of bone marrow transplant the treatment can cost from 15 to 150 thousand dollars, and sometimes more. Without the aid of benefactors such treatment is actually impossible. Even in the richest countries of the world the treatment of the Pediatric Oncology is developing through the support of donors. Besides the direct assistance to children, benefactors in the world support the decision of systemic problems (construction of clinics, equipping laboratories) and the development of new technologies which later become standard of care and save hundreds of thousands of children.


Participation and non-indifference of the famous people, doctors, actors, journalists is very important for attracting more attention of public and tens of thousands associations to the problem of childhood leukemia and to fight the disease.


           The Board of Trustees of the Foundation


Among the members of the Board of Trustees you will not find very reach and famous businessmen. In the Board of Trustees in our Fund there are people who are well known to society. They just really care to what will happen to the generation of the children who are born in Armenia.




Members of the Board of Trustees

Rita Sargsyan


Knarik Karapetyan


Marine Ales

 Art Critic

Levon Malkhasyan

Musician jazzman.

Levon Igityan

Architect, Director of the National Children's Aesthetic Center.

Nana Vartanova


Shushanik Arevshatyan

Director of "Van".

Rouben Haroutyunyan

Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of RA, a current member of  Academy of Medical Sciences of Armenia, Head of  Department of Genetics, Yerevan State University, Doctor of Biology, Professor.

Andranik Voskanyan

Pulmonologist, General Director of the National Speleological Therapeutic Center.

Narine Mamikonyan

Director of Nairi Medical Center.


Fundraising, game rules

All the donations received by the Foundation are recorded on the site. If we know the name of the donor, then we write it in the file. However, if you do not want your name to appear in the report of the Fund, just call +37410 500 776 or email and we will put the word "anonymous donation" instead of your name.


All donations can be divided into two types:

addressed and unaddressed.

1. Unaddressed donations. These are the donations that come with the inscription on notice "gratuitous funds (or "donation") for the treatment of the children with Oncology and Hematology diseases". Following the inscription on the notice, the Fund will spend it on anything connected with the treatment of the children with Oncology and Hematology diseases. Spending of such donated money allows us pretty quickly to solve the most important problems.  

The donor has the right to specify what exactly he wants the Fund to spend the money on. And then he makes a target donation. The target donation can be with address, i.e. with the name of beneficiary, and without.

2. Addressed target donation. If in the message that we get from the bank is mentioned, that the money has been transferred for the treatment of Ashot Sargsyan, the donor can be sure that the money will go just to Ashot Sargsyan. For this reason, the addressed target donation is convenient for the donor. In general, it is also convenient for the Foundation to collect addressed money -people more willingly donate for a specific child, than spend money on the medication for all the children. But here's getting the addressed donations can create problems.

It happens so that the child Ashot Sargsyan, for whom money was collecting, doesn’t need financial assistance. Either he discharges from the hospital, or, alas, dies. But not all the donation in his name has been spent. The Fund accumulates money that simply cannot be spent. The money transferred to Ashot Sargsyan the Fund has the right to spend only on him or return to the donor. Not the other way.  Only the donor can change the purpose of the payment (in a written appeal to the Fund). But not with every contributor the Fund has the ability to be in a contact to arrange the purpose of payment. And it turns out that the money intended to save the life hangs at the accounts dead weight. And it becomes an occasion for questions at any check. Yes, the Fund may declare through the site that "if, in case of not having a chance to spend the money by appointment the Foundation reserves the right to change the purpose of the payment". But whether such announcement would be legal depends entirely on the discretion of checking authorities. 

3. Unaddressed targeted donation.

You can specify in the payment as a purpose of payment "Donation for the purchase of medicines". In this case, the Fund will use this donation only for drugs and not on something else. In this case if there is a need of paying for the purchase of some equipment, the Foundation will not be able to do that.


Administrative expenses of the Foundation.

Very often, the Fund is asked: do you have a paid staff, and how much money is spent on them, etc.?

Unfortunately, the Fund cannot run without money. There are administrative expenses in our Fund and it makes 10% of the donations. Out of these funds, we pay the expenses on collecting donations (e.g. 1%, which we pay for the donations received by SMS), we give salary to the accountant, the executive director, that is the professional people for whom work in the Fund is the main job, pay phone and internet or other expenses that the Fund has. The Fund guarantees that not less than 9 drams out of every 10 donated drams are used for children. 

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