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Children are children even in a hospital. They have to live in the strictest sterility. Often for many weeks, or even months, the child should not go out. During treatment, it is important for a child to do something to distract from pain and illness, to learn something new, and the time spent in the hospital would not be stricken out of their life. Therefore, our children need books, toys, communication devices and, if possible, some entertainment.


  1. Classes in clubs.

Even in hospital children should develop and learn something new. If the child stops learning, he focuses upon the thoughts of his illness. It hinders his recovery and makes coming back from hospital to the regular life very painful. No matter how bad the patient’s condition is, classes give feeling that life goes on. That's why we really need volunteers – heads of clubs. Conditions of treatment classes at the clubs should be calm and creative. These can be chess, knitting, macramé, painting, photography. We really need artists, who are able to inspire children with creativity!

And they really need more creative and interesting computer classes. Alone with the computer, children usually play only catch-up and shooting. This activity is tiring and does not teach anything. We badly need someone who would help our patients learn creative computer programs. There are no computers in the hospitals, so if you bring a laptop, the children will be able to learn something.


If you can teach our children, please call +37410 500 776 or email to info@nvirir -kyanq am, We will give and show you all available information. We only ask for one thing; if you have begun teaching our children, do not leave them. They always wait for their friends and parting is very painful for them.



All our young patients are very happy to communicate. Your letters for them are a great support. They rarely answer them, but look forward to your letters. If you have started to correspond with someone, do not stop, please! You can send a letter to any child, whose picture you will find on the site. We will definitely give your letters to the children!


Despite the fact that in Hematology Departments a regime of strict sterility; sometimes we arrange parties and presentation in the corridor of the department. The children are happy to welcome clowns or performers of children's songs. It is very important if viewers themselves are attracted to participate in performances. Usually they are not many, but every concert is a great event for the patients. After the concert, we ask the actors to enter the ward of those children, whom the doctors did not allow to go out into the corridor. After all, they also want to have a holiday!


Those of the children who have good blood counts are allowed to leave the hospital. It's great if you manage to take these kids to theater, cinema, circus, or just take them for a walk in Yerevan. You can arrange a group travel for the entertainment, or just invite, for example, the child with his mother to the circus. The doctors assure that any positive emotions are very useful.


Of course, to arrange the actors visit to the hospital and invite the kids anywhere we should have the permission of the Head of Department. The doctors will tell which of the children can participate in the festivities. Doctors also will determine the time when the children will be free from medical procedures. If you can offer assistance in organizing entertainment, call us or write.



  1. Toys and games.

Toys can be donated too! But due to the specific treatment (the strict sterile conditions), not all the toys are suitable for us. Soft cute bears and bunnies are strictly prohibited: they accumulate dust, in which microorganisms are settled and can cause fatal infectious complications. Those toys that can be washed or treated with alcohol are welcomed.


We badly need kits for creativity: embroidery, puzzles, coloring pages, designers, collections for macramé, beading, making murals, pencils, albums, sketch pens. These kits help shorten the time and are always in great demand. Such kits are never too many: the child hardly finishes one odd job, as already asks for something new.


Excellent means for leisure and learning can be a computer. If you are going to change your computer, give the old one to our kids, please! If you want to give children toys, call or email us.


Guardianship of poor families

Very often, children from the remote areas and from families of modest means are treated in the Department. These families have a lot of different concerns, and not only medical. Often parents do not have enough money for the most basic needs of life. Besides eternal diapers and detergents, payment of medicines and analysis, they need food, clothes, pay for travel and much - many  household "little things" that in normal life is not so noticeable, but it beats  painfully on the pocket and they have to save money on everything, You can help these families, giving them money "for life." You can buy the necessary things for families and send them directly to the hospital. We ask you not to buy drugs without the consent of the child's physician. If you do not have an opportunity regularly visit a family and bring things to the hospital, you can simply transfer the money to the family at account of the patient's parents. If you are ready to support one of the low-income families, please, contact us by phone: +374 10 500 776 or email


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