Grant Life



The Foundation "Grant Life" provides aid in paying for the diagnostic procedures and treatment, purchase of medicines for both children and adults (up to 18 years old) suffering from Oncology and Hematology diseases.


The Foundation accepts applications from the patients, their parents or legal guardians of the patients.


The application must contain:


A letter - appeal (please specify in the letter first and last name of the patient needing assistance, age, full diagnosis, describe in detail what kind of help is needed. Contact phones: mobile and home, and if possible e-mail address


Detailed medical statement containing an appointment of medication (type of treatment, other medical supply and services, to pay for which aid is needed) and the indications to appointment.


Special conditions:


- The Fund provides assistance in paying for diagnostic procedures and treatment only in those cases when the need for treatment is confirmed by official medical documents and approved by the Expert Council of the Foundation


-The Fund provides  assistance  in  paying for the treatment abroad only in those cases when a consultation of physicians (Expert Council of the Fund) comes to the conclusion that this type of diagnosis or treatment cannot be performed in the Republic of Armenia;

 The Foundation does not provide assistance in paying for the treatment with the methods of non-traditional medicine.


The decision of providing the assistance takes the Consultation of physicians (Expert Council of the Fund).

In some cases we ask the Expert Council of the Russian Fund "Grant Life" to approve the decision.

For taking a decision Expert Council may request additional information (test results, pictures taken by MRT (magnetic- resonance tomography) or CT (computed tomography) and others.


In case if the Expert Council has decided to assist, the Fund may request copies of the personal documents of the patient and his representatives, photos of the patient, the consent for the publication of the information about the patient and his photographs.


We do not guarantee that the assistance will be provided, as the assistance provided by the Foundation depends on donated funds availability. However, we will do our best to raise the necessary funds.


Letters with appealing for help, please, send through e-mail

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