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The Foundation "Grant Life" in Russia created at the Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology (FNKTS DGOI), and it is no coincidence. The doctors of the Centre work in various Clinics, spreading the knowledge gathered in the Center.

However, they are linked not only by common knowledge and experience, but also by the attitude to the patients. The doctors try by all possible means to help and if necessary they themselves seek for benefactors and ask them for help.


These doctors possess the most modern methods, always aware of the new studies in such countries as Germany, Israel and US. They know how to treat these terrible diseases, but not always the state can give them all what is necessary for the child's treatment. In some Clinics the benefactors of the Russian Federal Foundation "Grant Life" provide up to 70% of medications that are necessary for the doctors to help the patient.

Especially it regards to the most expensive and complex treatments, such as fungal diseases in children with lowered immunity or bone marrow transplant. The Foundation benefactors help search for a donor for transplant abroad, as Russia has no bank of bone marrow donors, they help to buy the necessary equipment and medicines.


Armenia has such bank of a bone marrow donors and it is the only one on the territory of the former USSR. Armenia has also doctors who can treat such terrible diseases. However, just as in Russia they also often do not have medicines.


Armenia has three Clinics where the children with cancer are treated –Cancer Research Center after V. Fanarjyan, the Centre of Hematology after Professor RO Yeolyan, the Ministry of Health of Armenia, Muratsan University Hospital.


Cancer is a very serious, but curable disease.

Even in the U.S. the state alone cannot cope with it, and it is not by accident that the best Clinic in the USA, St. Jude Hospital, was built and is working just on the money of benefactors. Since 1962 to the present day more than 16,000 children from more than 60 countries have been treated at the Hospital of St. Jude. Almost 80% of sick children got a chance to recover from cancer.


From a small hospital for the poor it turned into a huge medical and research institution. And today it remains charitable. Children come here to be cured regardless of whether they have health insurance or not. In the entire history of the hospital, no patient has ever paid for medical services. On the money of the hospital benefactors they rent hotel rooms, where the families of the children live. The budget of the Hospital of St. Judasis almost half a million dollars a day. The treatment of a child costs 100 – 180 thousand dollars. And everywhere on the hospital walls there are thousands of boards. These boards like tiles cover the walls from floor to ceiling. On them there are the names of movie stars, the owners of giant companies and citizens who donated money for the treatment of the kids.


The purpose of the Armenian Foundation "Grant Life" is to find those who will agree to help physicians in their daily struggle for the children's lives and provide these children with all medicines that clinics don’t have or which the parents simply cannot afford to buy, and help the children and parents to survive the hard time of illness.

Today in Armenia 60-70% of children with leukemia survive, but in the world there are countries where 90% survive. We should and must help them.

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