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Any medication has a price. But for the children with blood diseases it is priceless, because each ampoule of the medication gives hope to life. In the department of «Muratsan Clinic» the treatment is held due to the state budget and is free for patients. But in complicated cases, the only chance to save the child’s life become new expensive drugs that cannot be purchased on the budget money. And only donations can help.


A child should not die because there was no money for the treatment.

Help save a child's life


How to help pay for the treatment?

For any of the children treatment needs, we place information about it on the webpage of a child and start collecting money for the treatment. We inform how you can transfer money to a particular child's account. There are several ways to assist:   

1. The Foundation can itself purchase medications and medical equipment for the treatment of children with the received charitable donations. You can transfer the funds for the payment of the treatment or purchasing of medications for all kids or a particular child to the designated bank account.


2. At our request, the supplier companies charge a fee to the third party donors. That way the money of benefactor goes directly to the account of the supplier of medication, rather than to the Foundation.


3. Alternative form of assistance: the Foundation with the help of volunteers buys necessary medication for a child and transfers it to the mother of a sick child.



This can be done only after discussion of all details of the purchase with our staff, the parents and the doctors. The fact is that, many drugs require special storage and if the doctors are not sure that the medication was transferred and stored properly, they cannot use the medication. Please contact our staff or doctors before you buy something.

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